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I'm not bragging on myself. Why declarations work, the Greater One lives in us! 🔥

Thank God, God and dwells in us as believers, through the Person of the Holy Spirit. Because of the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, it should be a common practice in the church today for believers to say in every crisis of life, " I am more than a conqueror." However, the truth is, making positive declarations based on our rights and privileges in Christ is almost an unknown practice in the church world today!

The Christians continual declaration should be, " I am a victor. The Creator dwells in me; the Greater One lives in me. The Person and power of Holy Ghost dwells in me. Praise God, He can make me a success. I cannot fail because of Him."

Many people think when I say these and other declarations that I am bragging on myself. That's not bragging on myself, it's bragging on the Greater One who is in me. Bragging on the Greater One in me will put him to work for me, and you! Start declaring today!!

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