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Doubt is the devil's language


With YOUR mouth YOU have the ability to give the enemy or God dominion over you!

👑WOWTip- Don't confess doubt, resist it.

Honestly, you haven't got any business talking about doubt because it doesn't belong to you!! 👊💥

To tell the truth, a lot of people think they are being honest when they say that they are afraid or they are doubting something. But if you are saved you are not full of doubt. You have been tempted to doubt, and you may have listened to the devil and yielded to the temptation. But you can put the devil on the run by resisting him!

You haven't got a heart full of doubt. If you do, you need to get saved! Stop talking negatively, stop saying that you have doubts and fears, because that's not what you have or who you are. 🙏💕

Start talking about who you are and what you are in Christ. You are a believer. You are a new creature. You are made in the image of God. Talk that. Believe that. Think that. 👑😍

And if you are tempted to doubt or fear (and you can be tempted because none of us are above temptation), you can resist the devil and he will flee from you according to James 4:7.

Speaking wrongly destroys your faith and it holds you in bondage. It speak defeat, failure and supremacy of Satan. Yikes, right?!!

YOUR words that YOU speak are powerful! Ensure yours are giving God dominion over you! Choose wisely! 💗

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