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Did you know you can give the enemy access to you?

You may be saying, what Trish, no way! Yes, in Bible James 3:16 tells us just that!

By you allowing strife, anger and bitterness in he has legal access to you. Stay away from strife!! The enemy wants you angry and wants you to stay bitter. Sadly, so many people hold on to this for years! You cannot have mastery over your body- mind, will and emotions when you have anger, bitterness, and any trace of strife. You CAN have mastery over your body when YOU control your emotions instead of allowing them to control you. See James 3:2.

If that has been you let's cancel it now!

________________________________________ _____________________________________

Pray and declare OUT LOUD- Father God forgive me for holding anger, bitterness and strife in my heart. According to Psalm 23:3 You restore me!! In Your presence Lord, all things are made new! You restore everything! RESTORE my soul in Jesus' name!