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Communicating For Results 10th Edition Pdf Download

Modifications occur in both format and content with each new edition. This article offers a chapter-by-chapter description of what is covered in the 10th edition of ATLS, which was published in January.

Communicating For Results 10th Edition Pdf Download

The new Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) is introduced in the 10th edition. This version of the GCS stresses reporting the numerical components of the score and adds a new designation, NT (not testable), to be used when a component of the score cannot be assessed.

All ATLS faculty (coordinators, educators, instructors, and course directors) must be aware of these content updates to be eligible to teach and facilitate 10th edition courses. In addition to the content changes summarized in this article, a number of other changes in the conduct and organization of the course have been implemented. To learn about these changes, an in-person or online update must be completed. In-person updates are encouraged and may be offered by faculty who have been trained in the updates at the regional, state, or site level. In the summer of 2018, an online update course through the ACS learning management system will be available for those individuals who are unable to attend an in-person update. Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits will be offered for the online update and may be offered for the in-person update if the CME award schedule and documentation compliances are followed by the site hosting the update course. Once the faculty member has completed training, a link to a multiple-choice examination will be sent via e-mail for completion.

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