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Autodesk Whip 64 Bit

To support the release of Microsoft Windows XP, Autodesk has been testing many of the latest versions of its applications to verify that they are compatible with this operating system. In the months leading up to the release of Windows XP, Microsoft and Autodesk have been working together to ensure the minimum of transitional problems as our customers move to this exciting new work environment. The questions and answers below address issues that affect a wide range of Autodesk products. For product-specific issues, please visit the product centers on

Autodesk Whip 64 Bit

When products are Windows XP compatible, it means that the product has been tested in the production Windows XP environment and has passed the Autodesk test suite. Patches and fixes may be required for successful execution in the Windows XP environment, or there may be known issues specific to the Windows XP environment. This product-specific information is available through our product support website at

Autodesk VP in our product development group, Brian Mathews, was on our team when he invented the DWF format. Our first foray into sharing design data via the internet was a WHIP! plug-in for the Netscape Navigator browser. Internet Explorer had not really emerged on the scene yet. Sun Microsystems had just released Java, so we wanted to call our files whip files (.whp) so you could whip design data all around the web. Autodesk VP, John Lynch, worried that people would not associate the solution with Autodesk, so we called them Drawing Web Format (DWF) files (.dwf) instead. When applications other than AutoCAD were able to create these files, the name evolved to Design Web Format (DWF). So I have been a DWF proponent from the very onset. My first blog was Beyond the Paper that was based on what could be done with DWF files instead of just printing them.

In addition to the Autodesk discussion groups, another place to obtain information is from the Autodesk web site: TopicURLDescriptionAutodesk DWF is the starting page for information about the free Autodesk DWF Viewer.Autodesk Design Review(formerly known as Autodesk DWF Composer) is the starting page for information about Autodesk Design Review. A tutorial is available on designreview-tutorial.Autodesk DWF is the starting page for information about the free Autodesk DWF Writer.World of is the starting page for information about the Design Web Format itself.DWF is a collection of sample DWF files submitted by Autodesk customers.DWF Customer is a collection of sample DWF files and associated success stories about Autodesk customers.Autodesk DWF Developer is the starting page for the DWF Developer Center. It has a variety of information as well as links that eventually lead to the DWF Toolkit.Autodesk DWF is a shortcut for navigating to the download page for C++ programmers to obtain one of the freely available DWF Toolkits.

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