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Le Ore Rivista Hard

la mia mamma era brava a cucinare. adesso non riesce pi a fare quasi niente cos quando vado a trovarla, per riempire le ore, le do da pulire linsalata. togli le foglie brutte, mettile da parte e tieni quelle belle dallaltra, le dico. lei inizia, ma poi si dimentica e cos mangiamo insalata che sa di marcio e la condiamo con curcuma e aceto balsamico per sentirlo di meno. le compriamo ancora qualche rivista di cucina. quando trova delle foto con piatti di carne chiede il coltello, lo passa avanti e indietro sulla foto dellarrosto ma larrosto rimane intero, allora ne chiede un altro: dammene uno che abbia il seghetto, mi chiede. lo impugna e lo preme forte sulla pagina, ma larrosto non si taglia, allora lei si arrabbia e butta il coltello per terra e poi si arrabbia di pi perch non riesce a raccoglierlo.

Le Ore Rivista Hard

my mom was a good cook. now she cant do anything anymore, so, when i visit her, i tell her to prepare the salad, just to kill time. she peels away the bad leaves, and i tell her, throw them away and leave the good ones. she starts, but then she forgets, so we eat the rotten salad and we mix it with curcuma and balsamic vinaigrette to cover the bad taste. we still buy cooking magazines for her. when she finds the pictures of meat dishes, she asks for a knife and tries to slice the roast in the picture, but it stays whole, so she asks for another. give me a steak knife, she says. she grabs it and pushes it hard against the page, but the roast doesnt cut, so she gets angry and tosses the knife on the floor and gets even angrier because she cant pick it up.

sofia cavalletti is truly an academic intellectual. because of her expertise in hebrew scriptures, she was a member of the ecumenical commission of the dioceses of rome and of the ecumenical commission of the italian bishops. she is a voracious reader, devouring the works of philosophers and theologians such as paul ricoeur, jean danilou, louis bouyer, and pierre teilhard de chardin. for fifty years she went to the library every day to study, and she reads hebrew daily. the extent of her scholarship is evident from a bibliography created in 1978. it contained 165 entries of her work up to that time. (an english bibliography was not found.) she has an affinity for languages. she is familiar with latin, greek, and hebrew, and she can converse in five modern languages.

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