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Declarations & journaling.

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Are you ready ladies? Tomorrow's the day!!

The short 5-day course of Declarations and Jouranling starts tomorrow.😀 You will choose a declaration for an area of your life that you want to see change in. You will say that declaration 15 times throughout the day. That could be randomly declaring💢, or it could be declaring it five times three times a day. Whatever fits best in your schedule.

Next at the end of your day you will come on the app and you will look at the daily tasks/questions that I will be asking you to think about while your journaling. Set a timer for 15 minutes to journal. If you go over 15 minutes that's great but a minimum of 15 minutes is what you're looking for. This is starting a new habit for you to see how powerful your words are and to see your thoughts and feelings connected to them. Looking forward to interacting with you along your journey of success!!

Trish xx

Marcie Stoddard


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