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Woman Of Worth Lifestyle is a Holy Spirit centered life. Spirit, mind and body. You will learn who you are in Christ, and how to practically walk in your authority in Christ. How to live set free from strongholds in your mind and nourish your body. You will also learn how to activate your faith through declarations. Your words hold so much power! Woman Of Worth Lifestyle teaches you to walk in your true identity. How to know your worth and live out your purpose with extreme zeal. WOWL allows you to become a leader of light in your family, community, and workplace. You will leave a footprint of change for the next generation to follow!

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Woman Of Worth Lifestyle's Mantra

"When a woman knows her worth, she does not settle or compromise her body, time, or destiny".

-Founder: Trish Hales

The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, Because the Lord has anointed and commissioned me to bring good news to the humble and afflicted. He has sent me to bind up (the wounds of) the broken hearted, to proclaim release (from confinement and condemnation) to the physical and spiritual captives, and freedom to prisoners, - Isaiah 61:1


"Trish's words of Jesus hold me close. Her acceptance told me I mattered, and her love gave me strength in life" 

- Eden M.

"Trish's bible study has opened my eyes about activated faith. It has also taught me how to strengthen my spirit woman and the power of words over my life". 

- Ruthann C.  

"Thank you, Trish!!! I'm proud of myself and thankful and blessed-for YOU and your work! Loved conquering and completing my daily goals on the declaration and journaling course you had on your app W.O.W. Lifestyle. I'm going to use this energy and keep applying this to my life!! Can't wait for the next one!!! 

- Billie O.

​"In twenty-eight weeks, Trish has not only empowered me but helped transform me into a whole new woman. A woman of worth that knows her true value."

- Marcie S.

"Woohoo!! Thank you Trish for this amazing course, 5 Easy Steps to Regaining Joy & Peace. Reminding us to be kind to ourselves and reminding us that we are loved! My declaration is: I am a queen, a daughter of the heavenly King Jesus."

- Patty D.


Woman Of Worth Lifestyle's mission is to teach women around the globe to know their true identity. To be whole spirit, mind and body. Equipping them to walk in their full authority and power to refashion the next generation.

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